laughing my ass off at people saying sasusaku needs a lot more than other pairings to become canon.

you all seem to forget that out of all big ships, sasusaku has the only bond that was romantic right from the start.

Sasuke has to let her in, that’s it. this is what it takes for them to become canon.

they don’t have to ‘develop’ a romantic relationship, their bond is already romantic. they were never just friends.

just because this ship is so angsty doesn’t mean that you have to overcomplicate it. this is literally the only ship that is relevant to the actual story. letting Sakura in and accepting her love is part of Sasuke’s redemption, which, surprise surprise, is happening right now.

this ship has the biggest chance in becoming canon, because as I said above, it is relevant to the actual story. and I really can’t understand how people cannot see this.


im fine, really. naruto is just a manga, it’s not real, NO BIG DEAL…i’ll deFINETLY BE FINE AFTER eTH END. iM A GROWM UP ADuLTT HAHAhaha. LOOK, i’m cryuing



Save the bae

UPDATE: It seems that Sakura needs to save the bae once more. 

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